Best Jigsaw 2021 – Top 10 Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Durable and long-lasting best jigsaw is not easy to find for an average user. To assist you with finding and comprehend what the “best jigsaw” signifies, we have made a rundown of jigsaw surveys to help you with narrowing down your choices. Beneath these audits, we have spread out the absolute best tips and advice that we have on finding the best jigsaw that is right for you.

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You deserve the best one that fulfils all your needs. Jigsaw is one of the essential carpenter tools, and you just can’t skip it. Whether you need to cut the wood in different shapes or need to cut any type of wood a good jigsaw will do hours work just in minutes.

Best Jigsaw 2021

Before buying anything, many of us search it online and compare it with other available around products, because why not? If you are going to spend your money
you have every right to research for it and choose the best one in exchange for the money you are giving.

Professional Carpenters Also Like It

So, we ended up researching best jigsaws in 2020, After testing multiple jigsaws and taking personal reviews of professional carpenters/woodworkers and other consumers we concluded a list of best jigsaws 2020 that will guide you that which jigsaw will be the best for you.

But, still, it’s all depends on what is you need? Either you are looking for a jigsaw that makes perfect cutting, or you are a carpenter that wants a jigsaw that never stops and disappoints his customers. So, let’s begin the list and see which is best for you.

List of Top 10 Jigsaws of 2021

According to our team search here is the list of the top 10 best Jigsaws available in the market which we bring them for you.

Bosch JS470E – Corded Top Handle – 120V Low-Vibration⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
DEWALT DCS334B 20V MAX XR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp (DW331K)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
DEWALT DCS335B 20V MAX Jig Saw⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
DEWALT DCS334P1 20V MAX JIGSAW⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
PORTER-CABLE-PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price

Bosch JS470E – Corded Top Handle

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Bosch is a worldwide power tools developer that is known for manufacturing a wide variety of tools, long-lasting products, and reasonable pricing. They are not known for manufacturing Jigsaws, which is why this review of the Bosch JS470E, one of their newest models is going to be interesting.

To be honest, the way this jigsaw performs is quite surprising. Including the build quality,  performance, and ability to cut. The jigsaw is designed to be tough and long-lasting.


This design from Bosch is made out of rubber and plastic. These materials not only ensure the long-lasting durability but also protects the jigsaw in the case of accidental dropping and mishandling.  This model from Bosch also features a large die-cast foot in addition to a steel insert that comes in really handy while increasing the stability during the usage. The plunging system that comes within the saw also helps to overcome vibration during the use.

Beginner Friendly

One of the most prominent features is the user-friendly nature of this Jigsaw. The top handle on the jigsaw comes in really handy when handling the saw and guiding it to precise cuts. The tool-less blade design is also another safety feature and therefore helps without coming in contact with the hot blades. The lock button is easy to access for both left and right-handers. The speed of the Jigsaw can also be varied using the large dial.

Innovative Technology

Bosch is known for its advanced technology and features. The saw’s motor is designed in such a way that it optimizes the speed of cutting and performance depending upon the material at hand. Therefore, it would mean that there would be no compromise at all when it comes to steady power and performance.

Build-in Dust Blower

The built-in dust blower would come in handy while working as it would clear of all the debris around the blade and the work area. The angle of the blower can also be adjusted depending upon your needs. This feature helps you to keep a clear line of sight while improving your cutting accuracy.


The jigsaw weighs in exactly at 10 pounds and to be fair it is heavy. This can be considered as a setback as the weight creates a problem while handling the saw and can be difficult to use for a longer period.

What comes in the box:

  • 1 blade
  • 1 Anti-splinter insert
  • 1 plastic overshoe
  • 1 Bevel Wrench
  • 1 carrying case


  • Tool-less blade changing system
  • 7 Amp motor
  • Durable design
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Constant Response Technology


  • The Weight
  • Cordless
  • Can’t lock the trigger at very slow speeds


The jigsaw comes equipped with a 7 Amp motor, great safety measures which can be easy to handle, and the design is extremely strongly built. Considering the price range of the jigsaw and its amazing ability to cut it is an ideal option to buy and can be considered one of the best jigsaws out there in this price range.


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The DEWALT DCS334B-20-Volt MAX XR Cordless Jigsaw is boasted with an exceptionally powerful motor that gives extreme performance and longer operational time.

The blade which is controlled with precision can speed up to a whopping 3,200 SPM and has a variable speed dial and a trigger, which helps to give an extreme performance no matter whatever material you’re cutting through. This helps you to get professional results no matter whatever material is at hand.

The 4 positions orbital action comes in handy as always and allows you to get optimized cutting results for dealing with a variety of materials. The presence of a bright LED light helps to illuminate the work area and makes your eye of sight more clear while cutting and allow precise cutting results. The lever-action keyless blade clamp which is an all updated metal is made for the quick shift and changing of T-shank blades.

Alongside keyless, the shoe bevel can be adjusted to make bevelled cuts at angles of 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

There is a removable shoe cover which comes in handy and protects the materials from all kind of scratches and dust blower as always helps you immensely to clear of all the debris and make your work experience smooth and easier.


  • Brushless motor which helps in delivering efficient performance and longer running time
  • The overall size is very compact and allows the user to handle the machine properly
  • Inclusion of an LED light which helps up to improve light quality around the working area
  • Its an all-metal, lever-action keyless blade change allows you to detach and equip T-shank blades easily.
  • An integrated dust blower allows you to clear off debris and enhance your working experience.
  • 4 position orbital action provides precise cutting speeds and quality
  • Being cordless helps in manoeuvrability


Product Height8.375
Product Width3.75
Amperage0.0 Amps
Batteries IncludedNo
Included accessoriesTool only
Battery sizeLithium Ion
Color familyYellow
Product Depth10.25
Cordless Tool TypeJigsaw
Included accessoriesTool only
Length of stroke1
Motor typeBrushless
Power sourceBattery
Voltage20 V
Warranty3 year limited warranty
Product weight5.2 lbs.


  • Brushless motor
  • LED Light
  • All metal build which helps in durability
  • Dust blower
  • Cordless
  • 4 positions orbital action


  • No batteries included
  • Cannot be used for heavy industrial use


Well if you are looking for a tool that can easily handle home tasks then it is an ideal tool for you but it does come with its short comings. You only get the tool in the price you’re paying and you would have to pay separately for the batteries. Anyways, if you want the best jigsaw tool for your home projects then it can be considered as a good option to consider.


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The product under review here is the DEWALT DCS331M1 model which is launched by DEWALT in their DC series. DEWALT has made a knack of designing, developing and producing power tools of high quality, durability and performance.

The aforementioned product is no exception as well.  The machine is known for delivering high performance and quality effortlessly. It is known to be one of the best jigsaw tools out there, if not the best.

The main factors which are to be considered while buying a jigsaw must be the power, durability and most importantly is the performance of the tool. Obviously, you would want to buy a tool which should be of the highest quality and build and delivers excellent performance under any given situation. Also, the materials out of which it is made must be of extreme quality so it can handle any kind of pressure exerted upon it.


The built design for it is the signature BLACK and YELLOW design for which DEWALT is famous for.  The build is solid, and it’s an all-metal tool which can easily handle all the gigantic and toughest of the projects put forward to it. The best feature to its build is how user friendly it is, especially all the wide array of features added adjoining the excellent build design allows it to handle all the home-based projects as well with ease. The lightning speed and performance make it a very user-friendly jigsaw.

As far as the build is concerned, it comes with a 4.0 Amp/ hour Lithium-Ion battery which yields 20 Volts of Raw power. The blade can be a bit trickier to handle as this time it comes as an SPM instead of an RPM. The SPM stands for Steps Per Minute.  So, in this regard, the jigsaw’s max SPM stands at 3800 which is capable of handling most of the wood projects at hand. It can easily handle any materials including wood, metals, plastic, tiles and laminated flooring.

The high-quality blade and the items which come in the box makes it worth buying jigsaw. The power tool does have a setback regarding the short battery life but it has been overcome by the fast charging included by the DEWALT.


In order to add more versatility to this product, the DCC331M1 is actually capable of accepting any T-shank blades resulting in the quick shift of cutting from metals to plastic or to tile cutting blades.


If you need to make angled cuts, the DCS331M1 can do it for you at ease as it is equipped with a keyless shoe bevel with 4 detents. It also gives you an option to set different angles such as 0, 15, 30, and even 45 degrees which helps you save your precious time and energy.


The  DEWALT DCSM331M1 Max Lithium-ion jigsaw kit contains all the essentials that would be required by you to start working on your next project.  The kit contains the following items in it:

  • The DCSM331M1 SAW

Product specifications of DEWALT DCS331M1 Jigsaw

Power typeLithium Ion battery
Stroke Length1 Min
Strokes Per Min (SPM)3800 SPM
Orbital Action4 Position
Keyless Blade ClampYes
Dimensions16 x 14.2 x 5.2 inches
Warranty3 years
Voltage20 Volts Max
Weight6.8 lbs.


  • Strong build quality
  • Can withstand years of heavy use due to high-quality build
  • Handles are large which adds to the user comfort
  • Maximum capacity of 3800 SPM
  • Powerful battery with an option for fast charging
  • No cords which help in free movements and stress-free work
  • Option of 4 orbital adjustments and tuning the speed for different kinds of materials
  • Allowing you 4 bevel cut options at an angle of 0,15,30 and 45
  • Improved dust blowing options.
  • Keyless blade change action
  • Allows a different kind of movements
  • An ideal tool for home-based workers and home projects.


  • Battery drains quickly but the company makes up for it by adding the option of fast charging
  • The blade gets extremely hot after constant use.
  • If not done at a proper angle, the blade can be pretty difficult to remove and install a new one
  • It is only ideal for those who work on home projects and cannot handle the stress of heavy industrial use.


The DEWALT DCS331M1 is an extremely well-built jigsaw and overall it is a great all-round product. It can be considered as one of the best jigsaw out there for use at home-based projects.  The feature of fast charging the battery makes it extremely useful along with it being cordless. If you consider buying this jigsaw for industrial use or at professional worksites, it falls short of expectations. It certainly wouldn’t be able to handle the extreme pressure and expectations on large scale worksites.

Nevertheless, with all the additional perks that come along in the kit box and all the little twerks of technology such as fast charging and dust blower makes it a must-buy for home use and therefore it is definitely worth buying this DEWALT jigsaw. It is easily one of the best jigsaws out there for home use and would give you a lot of ease and productivity.


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The product we have at hand for review is the DEWALT DW331K JIGSAW KIT. There is definitely a tool out there for each one of us out there. It’s just that we have to make the right choice. The Jigsaw kit mentioned for the review is the one who has caught our attention recently. Therefore, we’ll definitely be having a look at it whether or not it is made for you or not.

The main things which are to be considered while purchasing a jigsaw are about its power, performance, build quality, and performance. Everyone would want the best jigsaw for them which must be durable along with sturdy performance. Below are the specifications, build quality and features of the DEWALT DW331K Jigsaw.


The jigsaw is made out of solid materials which we can expect from DEWALT which is usual business from them. The jigsaw has the famous DEWALT black and yellow scheme. The weight of the jigsaw is 6.4 lbs.

Its build quality is so solid that it can be used to handle any large scale industrial processes while being very user friendly to beginners who can use it without any difficulty at all. The build quality is so good that it can provide you with both power and lightning speed. All this power is boosted by the 6.5 Amp powered motor which is like of the top-notch end.

Most of the heavy-duty jigsaws that are in play come equipped with motors in this range while the mid-range jigsaws come in around the range of 3-5 Amps.


The Jigsaw is little heavy weighing in at 6.4 pounds but it is of no worry if you care about build quality, durability, and endurance. The 6.5 Amp motor allows you to produce speed from 500 SPM to 3,100 SPM.  The first thing to notice here is the flush-cutting system which would allow you to make cuts with extreme precision without dealing with extreme vibrations. You will have much cleaner results on flush cuts.

There is a feature of variable speed which allows you to reach the maximum speed required for different cutting processes. In addition, the 4 positions orbital action comes in handy as it makes it easier for you to adjust the performance from extreme to smooth upon as to your liking depending upon the material at hand and makes it easier to cut through any given material.

The jigsaw comes equipped with a Built-in dust blower which allows you the jigsaw to clear off the debris while you’re making cuts and allows your line of cutting to be clear and precise with this built-in feature. An extra-large rubber grip helps you cope up with the vibrations and can come in handy for long usages. There is an inbuilt mechanism of balancing which further helps to reduce the vibrations and makes your usage easy and comfortable.

The build quality is all metal which helps in increased durability and usage of the machine. The blade is also a fully metal, keyless blade lever that helps the handler to replace hot blades and insert in a new in an instance. There is also a lock-on feature so that you don’t have to hold the trigger while making the cuts and add convenience to your usage.

The machine only accepts T-shank blades and can be easily used to handle any material put forth to it including wood, plastic, aluminum, and laminate flooring.  There is also a plastic shoe cover that allows you to work on delicate materials without damaging them at all.


  • It comes equipped with a 5 Amp powered motor
  • 4 position orbital action
  • It weighs in at 4 Pounds
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Bevel dents at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees
  • 500-3,100 SPM (Strokes per Minute)


  • An impressive 6.5 Amp motor
  • Speeds of up to 3,100 SPM
  • 4 orbital setting adjustments which allow you to make angled cuts with ease
  • Variable cutting speed
  • Provides smooth and extreme cutting capability
  • Dust blower
  • Lock on the mechanism
  • Quick blade release lever
  • Bevel cutting ability
  • Durable design
  • 3-year Warranty


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • No LED Light
  • Corded which makes maneuverability a bit difficult


Compared to some of the other tools out there, nothing much comes with the DEWALT DW331. You only get the saw and a storage box alongside a manual and that’s pretty much it. So, you might have to pick up some extra blades from the shop and just make sure that they are T-shank blades as the other blades won’t work with the tool.


If you really need the best jigsaw out there that can literally cut through anything and looks amazing as well then it is the one to go for. You get a powerful motor that can work at a grinding speed and also comes with a 3-year warranty and can handle any given task with ease. Also, beginners can easily handle it as well which is an added benefit. Therefore, if you want all of these things the DEWALT DW331 is the ideal and the best tool to go for.

Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip Jig Saw

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Originally, Makita corporation is a Japanese based manufacturer of power tools. It is originally based in Japan and operates throughout the world with factories based in China, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, and many more. Makita goes head to head in competition with the DEWALT and both have the edge over each other depending upon certain types of tools. Both of these brands are well reputed and are known to produce good quality jigsaws and power tools.

Introduction of Makita XVJ01Z

Makita is considered to be one of the best companies out there when it comes to the brushless motor technologies, and the Makita XVj01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion brushless and cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw is no exception as well.

It is considered to be a dream combination of precision, accuracy, excellence, and power with the efficiency of being brushless. It is characterized in such a way that it only delivers excellence and the best part is that it delivers the performance that of a corded jigsaw while being cordless.

It is considered to be extremely useful and efficient for professional woodworkers, residential construction, and for people who are basically looking for a best cordless jigsaw.


Makita XVJ01ZSpecs
Length of Stroke1”
Strokes per Minute800-3,500 SPM
Blade Shank“T” Tang
Battery18V LXT Lithium-Ion
Power typeCordless
Overall Length11-3/4 inch
Net Weight ( With Battery)5.5 lbs.
Shipping weight5.2 lbs.

Build Quality

All of us want to be creative and productive with tools while being at ease when it comes to using them. Therefore, the build quality of Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip Jig Saw is designed using applied science of equipment design with the intention to boast and maximize productiveness while also being able to reduce the fatigue and inconvenience caused by the machine along with the discomfort it causes due to vibrations and stuff such as cord.

Hence, the barrel grip is designed with the same purpose as it is closer to the work surface and this allows more precise cuts. It weighs in at only 5.5 lbs. including the battery weight which is actually sold separately.

The motor which is actually brushless is engineered to be efficient, along with a control dial through which you can variate the speed (800-3.500) SPM. This basically helps to adapt according to the nature of the material being at hand.

It also comes with a loaded feature of 3 orbital settings and straight cutting which fastens up the cutting process and improves the accuracy as well while operating different kinds of materials. The base is made out of heavy gauge-aluminium which helps in the smoothness, productivity, and productivity.


Also, the Brushless motor is controlled electronically for the optimum battery usage which results in the battery lasting longer than its other brushless motor compatriots. The battery is designed smartly and since it is controlled electronically it increases or decreases the performance and speed of the tool depending upon the material and nature of the work.

Also, as there are no carbon brushes present, it results in the brushless motor to operate extremely smoothly and efficiently without heating up.

It also includes a tool-less blade system that saves up your time while changing the blade. It also comes with a large 2 finger variable speed trigger with a lock-on button. A dual L.E.D light is also included which illuminates the work area. It also includes the built-in dust blower.


  • Ergonomically designed barrel grip for Closer work control
  • Brushless motor built by Makita
  • 3 orbital settings and provides more clear-cutting in a wide range of materials
  • 6 Speed control dial
  • Dual L.E.D Lights which illuminate the work area
  • Tool-less blade changing system allows you to install blades faster
  • Built-in dust blower
  • 0-45 degrees left or right bevel cutting option
  • Heavy gauged aluminium base which provides durability
  • Rubberized soft grip which provides comfort while being working
  • Brushless battery is enhanced electronically to save energy and lasts 50 per cent longer
  • Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for better accuracy
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Cordless


  • Battery and charger not included and have to be bought separately
  • Weights just a little heavy

What Comes In The Package

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a lot in the package as you have to buy the batteries and charger separately. However, it does include:

  • 1 Anti-Splintering Insert
  • 1 Cover plate
  • 1 Hex wrench
  • 1 Jigsaw Blade


If you want to buy a jigsaw that can provide you amazing performance with excellent speed, durability it is the one to go for but you do need to keep this thing in mind that it doesn’t come along with any battery and charger. So, you would have to buy them separately which means you would have to spend some extra bucks on them. If you’re up for that then it is certainly the jigsaw to go for.

DEWALT (DCS335B) 20V MAX Jig Saw

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The DEWALT 20V MAX Jigsaw, Barrel Grip, Tool  Only (DCS335B) comes boasted with a powerful and efficient motor for extreme performance and runtime. The blade is controlled precisely which can speed up to 3,200 SPM accompanied by a speed trigger and a dial which ensures professional results, 4 positions orbital action would let you adjust for optimal cutting for a variety of materials. The inclusion of a bright LED light illuminates the dim working area and makes it very easy to follow the cutting lines.

The lever-action keyless blade clamp which is an all updated metal is designed in such a way that changing the T-shank blades are made much easier and quicker. The shoe bevel is also keyless, which is easy to adjust with detents at 0,15, 30, and a positive stop at 45 degreesThere is a removable shoe cover which helps to protect the materials from scratches.  There is also an integrated dust blower which would help remove dust and debris from your line of sight as you work.


  • Brushless motor delivers efficient performance for longer runtime, more power and better performance(vs. DCS331 Jig Saw)
  • Compact size for easy grip, maximum control, better stability and ability to work in tight spaces
  • Bright LED light helps to illuminate dimly lit work surfaces
  • Variable speed dial provides precise speed control
  • All-metal, lever-action keyless blade change allows for quick and easy t-shank blade changes
  • Integrated dust blower helps clear line of sight while cutting
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45° for easy adjustment
  • No-mar shoe cover to help protect work surface from scratches
  • The 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed
  • Accepts t-shank jigsaw blades for optimal holding power




  • Built-in dust blower
  • LED light
  • Compact size
  • Brushless motor
  • Cordless


  • Battery and charger sold separately


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The DEWALT 20V MAX jigsaw is designed in such a way to provide excellent build quality along with convenient handling and ease of use. The build quality has been one of the key features of the DEWALT when it comes to manufacturing the best power tools out there. Their jigsaws are known to be one of the best jigsaws out there both for home and industrial use. The 20V Max jigsaw has an all meta, lever-action keyless blade clamp which is designed for the quick removal and easy blade changes

There is also an all-metal keyless shoe bevel with four detents at 0, 15, 30 and 45 Degrees to make bevel adjustments easy.  The 20V MAX Jigsaw weighs in at 5.4 lbs. The variable speed trigger can provide speeds up to3,000 SPM to easily adjust speeds during cutting and 4 positions orbital action for wood cutting. The shoe cover is removable which helps to protect the materials from scratches and the built-in dust blower helps to clear off debris and make your line of sight while working more clear. It has to be duly noted that the battery and charger are sold separately.


  • All metal, lever action, and keyless blade changing system helps for quick removal and installation of blades.
  • An All metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 Degrees provides versatility for easy bevelled cutting
  • The presence of 4 positions orbital action provides control over cutting quality and speed while dealing with different kind of materials at hand
  • The dust blower is adjustable which helps to keep the line of cut clear
  • Variable speeds ranging up to 3,000 SPM can give you a wide array of control over different materials and application
  • There is an anti-slip comfort grip for increased comfort and control
  • The tool accepts T-shank blades for optimal holding power and ensures to provide you with professional results.

What Comes In The Box

It Includes

  • DCS331 20V MAX* Jigsaw
  • 2 blades


Dust BlowerYes
Keyless Blade ClampYes
Orbital Action4-Position
Power Tool TypeCordless
Stroke Length1 INCH
Strokes/min0-3,000 SPM
Battery Voltage20V MAX*
Tool Weight5.4 lbs.
Battery IncludedNo (Bare Tool)
Adjustable ShoeYES


  • Dust blower
  • Orbital action
  • Cordless
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • Variable speed
  • Comes with warranty
  • An year off free service
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Strong build design made to last


  • No LED included
  • Batteries to be bought separately
  • Charger not included as well


This certainly has been one of the favourite jigsaws around which is a people’s favourite. Combining all the capabilities it comes boasted with, it can be a great jigsaw to have at your disposal. The powerful battery would last you longer and help you maintain your goals in one go. Being cordless, you won’t have to worry at all about the extensions and all and this would only make your work hassle-free and also allows ease of movement and handling. Although you would need to purchase the batteries and charger separately, still it would be a good deal to buy this best jigsaw at the price at which it is being offered.

DEWALT DCS334P1 20V MAX XR Jigsaw 

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DEWALT has been known for producing exceptional power tools with an extreme build quality for long periods of time. Their only goal is to give their customer a feel of satisfaction, ease of use and great accessibility while completing any kind of a project. This tool by DEWALT is no exception.

The 20V Max* XR Cordless Jigsaw kit comes equipped with a 5.0Ah battery, boasting extreme power to last you through a whole day of your work. There is a variable speed trigger and a dial which provides you with a maximum speed of 3,200 SPM for versatile cutting options.  As always, the presence of 4 positions orbital action allows for additional adjustments which would help you to improve cut quality and the speed for whichever material is at hand.

The inclusion of a bright LED makes it convenient to follow the cut lines when the light is not suitable or low. The lever-action keyless blade clamp which is an updated all-metal, allows you to replace and change the old blades with new ones at ease. The keyless shoe bevel adjusts easily with detents at 0,15,30 and a positive stop at 45 degrees. The shoe cover is removable which helps to protect the work surface from scratches and all kinds of stuff. An integrated dust blower would help to remove all the dust and debris from your line of sight while you’re at work.


  • Brushless motor delivers efficient performance for longer runtime and smooth performance
  • Compact size for easy grip and maximum control
  • Bright LED helps illuminate dimly lit work surfaces
  • Variable-speed trigger and dial provide precise speed control
  • All-metal, lever-action keyless blade change allows for quick and easy t-shank blade changes
  • Integrated dust blower helps clear line of sight while cutting
  • The 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45° for easy adjustment
  • No-mar shoe cover to help protect work surface from scratches
  • Accepts t-shank jigsaw blades for optimal holding power and professional results


Part NumberDCS334P1
Item Weight11 Pounds
Product dimensions14x 12.25x 3.25 inches
Batteries1 lithium ion battery
Power sourceBattery powered
Voltage20 Volts
Battery includedYes
Battery requiredYes

What comes in the box:

  • DCs334 20V Max* XR Brushless Jigsaw
  • DCB205 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Kit box
  • Jigsaw Blade


  • Brushless motor delivers excellent performance
  • Accept T-shank jigsaw blades
  • Compact in size and easy to handle
  • Bright LED light to lighten up your work space
  • Cordless
  • 4 position orbital action
  • Comes with battery included
  • 3 year warranty


  • No Dust collection available


Well if you’re looking for the best jigsaw out there, then you don’t need to look any further than this amazing jigsaw. If you’re looking for a tool that is cordless, feels great in hand, delivers excellent and powerful performance with fine cutting mechanisms, and can literally tear apart any material at hand, then the DCS334P1 is the way to go. It is the best jigsaw out there for doing any kind of work and with its amazing build quality, it would last you a long time. The fact that the batteries are included so you don’t need to spend any extra bucks. It’s a total yes to this tool as it is totally worth the bucks.

PORTER-CABLE (PCE345) Orbital Jig Saw

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Porter-cable is a well renowned American company that manufactures power tools. It is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. It is known for pioneering the portable belt sander, helical-drive circular saw and portable band saw. They are also known for their very reasonable pricing of the manufactured tools.


The orbital jigsaw is specifically designed with a 7 position speed dial integrated into the trigger, which allows you to achieve variable cutting speeds depending upon the type of the material. The motor is actually quite powerful and 4 orbital settings allow for an optimized cutting experience in a wide variety of materials. There is a lock-on button which comes in really handy when you have to work for longer hours and thus also eliminate the user fatigue while working for longer periods. It also comes equipped with the ability to make tool-free blade replacements which is convenient and fast and saves both time and energy.


  • 7 position speed dial (0-3,200 SPM) integrated into trigger provides multiple speed settings for optimal cutting results
  • 6 Amp motor delivers power in demanding applications
  • 4 Orbital settings provide best cutting performance in a variety of materials
  • Lock-on button provides easier control during prolonged use
  • Oversized over mould on front and handle provides greater control and comfort during use
  • Keyless blade change clamp makes blade replacements fast and easy
  • Applications: straight and scroll cuts in wood and metal, bevel cuts in wood, sink cutouts, cutting PVC pipe, cutting copper pipe

What comes in the box

Includes (1) PCE345, (1) wood cutting blade, (1) wrench


Keyless Blade ClampYes
Orbital ActionYes
Power tool typeCorded
Stroke length13//16 IN
Strokes/Min0-3,200 SPM
Tool weight5.4 lbs.


  • Can accept both T and U shank blades
  • 4 orbital action positions
  • Variable speed
  • Comes included with a blade
  • Keyless
  • Comes included with the accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable shoe


  • No LED Light included
  • No built-in dust blowers
  • It is not cordless
  • Brushless as well
  • It is not laser-guided


If you’re looking for something that can get your home projects done conveniently and quickly as well with no such handling problems and stuff and also intend to use it for some heavy weight lifting here and there then it is certainly the tool to go for in a very reasonable price range and it can serve as one of the best jigsaw tools for you. Provides you with a build quality that is reasonably good given the price tag and its versatility can really come in handy while handling different kinds of projects.


Check Price

In this review, we are going to take a look at the MAKITA XVJ03Z 18V LITHIUM-ion Cordless jigsaw which can be a good tool if you need something that is very versatile and can not be heavy as well.


Cordless jigsaws come in very handy when you have to make cuts in the wood, ceramics and even metal especially when there is no electricity supply at all. All of these cordless jigsaws can be really helpful in completing your tasks hassle-free without the tension of the cord hanging with the jigsaw that can really cause disturbance and annoyance in your line of work.

Manufacturers around the world have been producing tools keeping in line with the advancement made in technology and stuff but this also makes it very difficult for the costumers to make a credible decision while buying any kind of tool.

Ergonomic Design

The design of this jigsaw is pretty cool and really go hand in hand with smooth performance.  The jigsaw weighs in at around 6.1 lbs. and this includes the weight of the battery as well.

The device is pretty easy to handle and can be carried around quite easily. MAKITA also put in a heavy gauge in the combination along with a precision base which allows you to make a smooth and accurate cut. The fit is excellent in the hand of the user and it has been equipped with a low sound technology which ensures that the sound is produced from the tool is not that much and you can work with ease.

Powerful Performance

The motor that comes built-in with the device is very unique and variable which can give you 0-2600 strokes and facilitates in extremely precision based cutting.  It has to be noted that the speed of the cutting would solely be based on the type of material at hand. The heavy gauge and precision base would also play a huge role in the excellent performance of the jigsaw.

The manufacturer states that their XVJ 03Z 18-Volt jigsaw is so powerful that it has the ability to easily take 25/32 inches of aluminium when it is placed at 90 degreesThe 18Volt LXT battery that comes installed with this jigsaw charges super fast. The technology that is used in the cells placed inside the battery also makes your battery timing durable and long-lasting.  The 6 different speed settings are available so that you can adjust the speed according to your own liking. The speed can be varied with the help of a small dial available and it has to be simply twisted to change the settings to the optimal one.


Most of the manufacturers would not be able to give both the ease of use and power at the very same time. MAKITA has kept this under consideration and introduced the 2 finger variable speed trigger. The tool is also equipped with a brushless motor which is operated with the help of a computer. The brushless motor technology has been adopted by MAKITA as it really helps to facilitate ease and durability.

There is an in-built cooler which helps in reducing the overheating that results in the durability of the tool. This in-built cooler will ensure that your device would stay strong and serve its purpose for a longer period of time. The tool is also equipped with a built-in LED light which helps to illuminate your workspace and makes it convenient for you to work. A 3-year warranty is also included on the tool which would make it even a better option to go for.


Net weight ( with battery)6.4 lbs.
Product dimensions3.6 x 12.3 x 9.1 inches
Strokes per Minute0-2,600 SPM
Batteries1 lithium ion battery required
StyleBare tool
Power SourceBattery powered
Voltage18 volts
Orbital settingsYes
Blade shank“T” Tang


  • 3 orbital settings along with the option of straight cutting for easy usage on a wide variety of
  • materials
  • Tool-less blade change lever allows you to remove and install new tools easily and increaser your
  • productivity
  • Large 2 finger variable speed trigger for added convenience
  • Heavy gauge, precision machine-based for smooth cutting and added durability
  • Built-in L.E.D light illuminates the work area
  • Built-in dust blower clears the debris and line of cut for you to make precise cuts
  • Rubberized soft grip handle provides increased comfort on the job
  • Base bevels and locks from 0 – 45 degree left or right for more precise bevel cuts


  • The price tag is quite high and this model is actually expensive when compared to other products
  • The tool requires a battery to operate which is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately
  • Limited warranty.


It is therefore evident that the MAKITA XVJ03Z 18-Volt jigsaw has a whole load of positives. The high build quality makes it durable and can perform effectively. Plus, the brand is a renowned one so the tool would get the job done for you.

How to choose which jigsaw is perfect for you?

Well, I have listed and rated the jigsaws above but you have to ask yourself which one worths your investment and which will not, I mean you just don’t have to rely on our review you have to consider some key things while buying the best jigsaw for you, some of those questions that you have to consider while buying, I have listed below:

  • What will be the main usage of the machine?
  • No matter if you are going to buy it for home use or for professional use, how much work I will have to serve on a daily basis?
  • Do I want it for short term or for the long term?
  • How many bucks I am going to invest in this? 

Well, this is not as simple as you thought at first, but you don’t have to worry at all, as long as you are considering above-mentioned questions you will get your required jigsaw for sure.

Every jigsaw has its own pros and cons which I have mentioned in my list and rated them on their pros and cons, you just have to see what’s fit in for you, like it’s the almost same case for everything you are going to buy.

Like one thing you like to purchase and you like its features but the price of that product is high then your budget and one thing that is available in your budget but has fewer features.

When you are sure about everything that you need in a jigsaw and make up your mind for the final product, you are just a step ahead to make the purchase. Don’t overthink or change your decision for no reason, it will divert your mind and won’t let you make the final decision.

Final Verdict

Here we use the term “Compensate or compromise” in a situation like this, like if you are strict to your budget you have to compromise on its cons and if you can invest a little more for good and the long-term product you will have to increase your budget a little for good because it will be a long-term benefit instead of a product that lasts only a few months or a year. So, my final suggestion for you is to buy a jigsaw that can benefit you for a long period of time, it’s something that you will not be going to buy every week or month, choose wisely.