Best Circular Saw 2021 – Buying Guide

A circular saw is considered anything with a round blade that is used to cut things.  They are generally used in home construction and remodeling.  They are also used in furniture making and a couple of other things. 

There are many different types of circular saws, the two main types are handheld and tabletop.  The differences between these two types of saws are general use and the size of things that need to be cut. 

  • Hand saws are favored because they are a lot more portable, and they can be used in almost any situation. 
  • The good thing about the table saws is they are able to cut larger pieces more precisely and are normally stationary once they are set up.

You can cut a lot of different things with circular saws, the only thing that you need to switch out to do so is the blade.  You need different blades for different types of materials because some are harder then others and if you use the wrong blade you may injure yourself, injure someone else, or damage the saw. 

There are saws that are specifically made to cut wood, tile, plastic, metal, concrete, and many other different types of materials.  To cut wood the blade normally has teeth on the blade that actually chips away from the wood that it is cutting. 

When cutting harder things like tile, concrete, and metal the blade does not have teeth and is normally made out of a diamond type material.  This is because those are much harder than wood and the wood blade wouldn’t be able to cut through it, the blade would just grab the harder stuff and end up breaking or injuring someone.

Circular saws also come in a large variety of different sizes, the sized go from small hand held saws, to large saws that are used in mills.  Most saws are powered by electricity, but the larger saws that are used in the mills are powered by water that is normally ran down through the saw mill. 

The reason that the saws at the wood mills are powered by water is that they are around 9 feet round, which would take too much power to keep running all day long, so they used the force of the water going down the river to power the mill.  There are many other types of circular saws like the Miter saw, Radial Arm saw, Table saw, Panel saw, Biscuit joiners, Brushcutter, Cold Saw.

All these saws that were mentioned have different purposes, the Brushcutter saw is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a really powerful lawnmower that they use to cut down overgrown fields and wooded areas.

Table saws are generally used in furniture making and home improvements, this is because it makes straight cuts and can cut long pieces of wood.  Miter saws are designed to make precise cuts to smaller pieces of wood.  These normally are used when you have to cut angles on wood. 

The table can be turned 180 degrees so it can make any angle cut you need, and they are marked on the table itself so you can accurately make the cut.

There are so many different types of circular saws it is hard to pick out the best one all together.  So we will talk about the best circular saw of a couple different types.  We will go over some of the most popular kinds so that you can hopefully find out which one you will want to get.

Types of Circular Saw

Handheld Corded Saw

The best handheld corded saw is the Milwaukee 6394, it is 7.25 inches and is very handy, well-balanced, and very comfortable.  One of the best features of this saw is that the handle is fully adjustable which makes it nice for anyone that uses it. 

The cutting speed and accuracy are also top of the line.  One of the great safety features is the electric brake.  Some handheld circular saws just keep spinning until it stops on its own, this can be dangerous and that is why this one has an electric brake. 

As soon as you let go of the trigger the brake engages and stops the blade.  This is a very handy feature especially for someone that doesn’t have time to let the blade stop on its own.  The only bad thing about this handheld saw is that the sawdust is blown on the person when they use it left-handed. 

You can typically find this saw for around $150, you might be able to find it a little cheaper online.

Handheld Cordless Saw

The best handheld cordless saw is the Makita BSS610, this saw only weighs 7.1 pounds and runs off of an 18-volt lithium-ion battery.  You will get around 45 minutes of use out of this saw before you have to recharge the batteries.  Another great feature that this saw has is a laser that you can use to make sure your saw is lined up with the cut. 

The only bad thing about this saw is that it has a horizontal grip that makes it awkward during some cuts, another thing is that the blade is only 6.5 inches which are kinda small for hand saws. 

This saw is almost 3 times the cost of the Milwaukee at right around $345.  But if you shop around on the Internet you will be able to find it a lot cheaper than that.

These are just the best of the best when it comes to hand held circular saws.  If you want some reviews on table saws or any other saw you can find great reviews on the Internet.

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