Best Jigsaw for the Money in 2021 – Top 5 Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Tools and humans go hand in hand from the very beginning of this world. The relation dates back to 1.76 million years back when the stone age began with humans making basic tools out of stone. Tools are used to build, create and design various structures and stuff for our comfort and pleasure. Jigsaw can be considered as an important tool which is a must-have for any builder, developer and even for those who like to work at home and do stuff themselves.

Everyone wants the best quality jigsaw which serves the purpose and is priced reasonably as well.  Jigsaw is a very versatile tool for creating and can use on a wide variety of materials and easy to operate and begin with. Hence, a lot of thought process goes into the build of a Jigsaw as to the way in which it is designed to suit best for various materials.

Therefore, certainly, some jigsaws are made out of high quality and are extremely efficient and smooth to use,  whereas relatively cheaper models can be much hard to operate due to excessive vibrations and build quality. Spending a large number of bucks wouldn’t necessarily mean that you would get the best jigsaw out there. Therefore, in order to get the best value for money jigsaw, there are certain factors and aspects which you make a jigsaw best value for money and the best in business.

Variable speed can be of the many features that you need to have in mind before buying one. You must decide for yourself that either you want a jigsaw which has a variable speed and its speed can be controlled using a trigger or you would prefer a one which uses a dial to adjust the speed or you want a jigsaw which has both the options.

The design should also be your utmost priority while selecting the best jigsaw for yourself. You should look for the ergonomic build and how it would fit in your hand and whether it is comfortable when you hold it in your hand and use it. The jigsaw won’t be of any good if it wouldn’t fit in your hand properly and therefore would cause you trouble while working.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to review, research and thoroughly before making a purchase. Our review and buyer’s guide for the best value for money jigsaw would certainly help you make a decision.

Top 5 Best Jigsaws for the Money in 2020

Below is a list of jigsaw’s which are the best jigsaws when it comes to value for money and performance. All of the products listed tick all the boxes which in our point of view tick all the boxes required for a jigsaw to be of the best quality and provide extreme user comfort and value for money. All the reviews are done for the purpose of providing you with ample knowledge so that you can make an accurate decision depending upon your needs.

Best Jigsaw for the MoneyRatingPrice
DEWALT DCS334B⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
BOSCH JS470E⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
MAKITA XVJ03Z⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price


Check Price

Are you looking out for a jigsaw for a heavy-duty, professional use? Then take a look at the DEWALT DCS334B. It’s powered by an interchangeable 20V Max battery making it extremely powerful to cut through and create versatile designs on a wide variety of materials.

One of the best features is the brushless motor which enhances its performance and providing quicker cuts and longer running time. One of the other notable factors is the variable speed trigger which allows you to match the stokes depending upon the material at hand. It’s solid and compact as well and extremely comfortable to use. A bright LED near the blade illuminates the work area and makes it easy for you to make straight, accurate and precise cuts.

The only drawback is it comes without a battery and a charger and they are sold separately, but considering its design, the performance it is an excellent jigsaw for the value of money and an excellent tool for professionals.


TypeMax Speed(SPM)Orbital SettingsDust BlowerVariable Speed       


Check Price

Bosch is a well-renowned brand and famous for producing high-quality power tools. The tool is extremely smooth to operate and it doesn’t mess around with you. It is build to make accurate cuts and that’s what it does. The design possesses a low vibration which helps in reducing the vibrations which certainly helps the Jigsaw to perform smoothly and accurately. It builds design is ergonomic and very easy to hold onto. If a jigsaw having a cord doesn’t give you a lot of trouble, then it is certainly the tool for you as it would certainly save you quite a few bucks and would bring you value for money.

It comes equipped with a 7-amp motor which provides sufficient power for cutting through almost all kind of materials, and since it is equipped with the option of 4 in 1 orbital setting, it can easily handle cuts from smooth to aggressive. The build design is almost perfect and very stable on the hand, it features a tool-less blade change system so you don’t have to deal with hot blades and stuff. It also has variable speed controls.

Since it can withstand and bear almost any material from heavy-duty professional use to home crafting, along with a reasonable price tag, it is an excellent choice for both home and professional use and provides the best value for money. Certainly one of the best jigsaws out there.


TypeMax Speed(SPM)Orbital SettingsDust BlowerVariable Speed


Check Price

The BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C is perhaps the best jigsaw out there in the market for those who have no fancy demands at all. All they need is a reliable tool for a few cuts here and there in soft materials.  It is packed and powered by a 20V battery- which comes in the package.

Not only does it provide similar power but it also features a variable speed trigger which provides and enhances control while speed cutting.

The difference between the aforementioned jigsaws and Black+Decker is of the build quality. It won’t be able to withstand heavy use despite being powerful. It is reflected in the price as well but nevertheless it is a great jigsaw and provides value for money if you need a cheap jigsaw for home use only.


TypeMax Speed(SPM)Orbital SettingsDust BlowerVariable Speed


Check Price

If you’re a fan of cordless mobility but your tight on budget, then we suggest you should go for the  MAKITA XVJ03Z as it can be a great alternative and somewhat match the performance of the mightier ones mentioned before.

Its slightly less powerful but features a three orbital setting along with a variable speed control. Most of the projects related to wood can be handled with ease through the help of an 18V battery.

Although, it wouldn’t be of much utility when it comes to metal or tile cutting.

With all that said, the jigsaw certainly contains a packing punch with its balance and ease of handling, delivering accurate cuts, and most importantly featuring a tool-less blade system which rids you of handling hot blades.

The price for which it comes, its and extremely affordable and great machine for people who do some light professional work and for beginners who handle projects at home.


TypeMax Speed (SPM)Orbital SettingDust BlowerVariable Speed


Check Price

The Porter-Cable jigsaw weighs in on the heavier side weighing at about 6 lbs. but its because of a powerful motor that accounts for the weight of it. The motor is 6 amps and can attain a speed of up to 3,200 SPM with 13/16 inch stroke lengths.

Its one of the fastest jigsaws available on the market, plus adding the variable speed controls controlled by both dial and the trigger. The jigsaw comes with a three-year warranty which is quite a feat considering the price range for the tool.

As for the pros, there are a few problems here and there, such as some customers says that the blade is not perfectly square which makes it very hard to get perfectly straight cuts. Other than that, the jigsaw is extremely smooth to operate and handle. If you’re eyeing for home projects, this is the best tool to go for considering the price.




After reading the reviews about our top 5 Jigsaws, you would’ve pretty much got the idea of which jigsaw would be the best for you. Still, it is better to shed some lights on the features which make a good jigsaw. This would really help you out in choosing the jigsaw which would be the best for you and would also remove all the doubts present in your mind. There are certain aspects and features related to Jigsaw which you should not ignore at any cost otherwise it might cost you buying the wrong tool not sufficing your needs.

How does Jigsaw work?

A jigsaw is powered by a motor that is connected to gears that move a small blade in an up-and-down pattern to cut materials mostly wood and ceramics. The base ( called the shoe) of the jigsaw is pressed against your workpiece, and the blade cuts as it moves up.

The mechanics may be simple, but there are a lot of factors which are to be considered when choosing a jigsaw for your needs. Factors such as SPM (Strokes Per Minute), Orbital settings, material accommodation ( wood, plastic, tiles) and level of vibrations would determine the choice of the best jigsaw.

Power of the Jigsaw

The power of the Jigsaw is measured in either Amps or Volts depending upon the type of the Jigsaw. Corded jigsaws are measured in amps, while those who are cordless are measured in volts.

Power would be directly proportional to how fast and hard material you can cut through. Less power would result in only cutting through softwood whereas high power would mean your jigsaw would be able to cut through tile and metal.

The maximum available power is between 4-7 amps or 18-20 volts. This would give you an idea that power is not the only thing. You don’t have to spend a large number of bucks if you’re looking for a jigsaw that can get your home projects done easily.

At the very least 4 amps or 18 volts would be more than enough power to get through your wood and plastic projects. However, if you’re looking to use the jigsaw for professional and industrial use then you need to go for a jigsaw which possesses higher power.

Jigsaw Speed & Settings

Power and speed both come into consideration while buying a power tool. Jigsaws are pretty unique in this regard as most of them have a maximum speed of 3,000 SPM’s or strokes per minute.

Variable Speed settings

One of the most important things to look out for is whether the Jigsaw provides you with variable speed settings.  Most of the low-end models don’t come with a variable speed setting which means you have to cut at the same speed no matter which material you are dealing with and these kind of jigsaws are not very good at handling a variety of materials.

Whereas, the high-end jigsaws come with 4-7 variable speeds. This comes in handy when dealing with a variety of materials. For example, when you are cutting through wood, you can increase the speed for faster cuts and speed but if you’re going to cut through metal then you would preferably slow the speed so that the cut can be made accurate and precise.

Jigsaw Stroke Length

This is another performance-related factor to consider: stroke length.  It is basically referred to as the distance that a blade can move vertically to cut through your material.  Its length can range from about 3/4” (18mm) to 1” (26mm).

Generally, the longer the jigsaw’s stroke length, the larger a workpiece you’ll be able to work through with ease and comfort. The longer the stroke length of the jigsaw would be, the faster it would cut through materials.

Corded vs Cordless

Most of the common features such as speed, power, and accessories doesn’t have an effect on a corded or a cordless jigsaw, but there are some major differences which can help you out in picking a one according to your needs.

Corded jigsaws are considered more powerful and are recommended for longer usages since they don’t run out of power and therefore are a bit lightweight as well but the only downside is the manoeuvrability of the corded jigsaws.

Cordless jigsaws are much heavier due to the added weight of batteries but they are more portable and easy to carry around. They are not at all recommended for large professional projects due to the fact that they can run out of battery at any time.

T-shank vs U-shank blades

This can be considered as one of the factors which effect the experience of your jigsaw use rather than affecting the quality of the final product or masterpiece. It is that whether the jigsaw supports a T shank blade or U shank blade.  Shanks are basically shafts that hold the blade in your jigsaw.  Both can be used to get the work done, but there are a few differences.

U-shank blades

They are not very common these days and are attached to the jigsaw via a screw. Therefore, it requires a special tool to remove and insert a new blade which can be time-consuming.

T-shank blades

T-shank blades are way common and utilized on a larger scale. These blades can save you a lot of time and also decrease the risk of an injury as they can be removed without the help of any tool at all. Although, there isn’t much of a difference in the finished product or even if there is one, you would hardly be able to notice it.

Additional Features and Accessories

The basics are all done and dusted but sometimes you need some extra bits to label a jigsaw as the best one around. There are a range of additional features which would certainly enhance your working experience and give you a feeling of something little extra.

  • Inbuilt Dust blowers help you clear off debris automatically while you work making your cutting line of sight clear and help you to make accurate and precise cuts.
  • Dust Collection port where all the debris that is blown of is collected.
  • Laser lines help you to make error-free accurate and precise cuts.
  • Dual bevel lets you make angled cuts without even moving your wood.
  • LED lights illuminate your work area so you can work without worrying about the light.
  • Anti-vibration features help to reduce the vibrations for precise cuts and increased safety as well.
  • Quick swap blades allow easy removal of blades and save your time.
  • Variable speed controls and lock-on buttons can be helpful if you want to make extended cuts.

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