DEWALT DW304 – 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review 2021

If you want to achieve flawlessly good cuts then you should consider DEWALT DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw. After all, if you’re going down the do-it-yourself home improvement route, then you need to equip yourself with tools that will help you get the job done right.

DEWALT DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw features

  • 4-position blade clamp
  • 10.0 Amp motor
  • Keyless lever-action blade clamp
  • 0-2,800 strokes per minute and 1-1/8-inch stroke length
  • Variable speed

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Why Buy the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw?

The Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw will help you do your work fast and accurately so your demolition tasks involved in renovation and remodeling will be a breeze.

Want fast and accurate cuts? The Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw’s variable speed feature is your answer. You see a reciprocation saw imitates a hand saw’s back and forth motion so you can cut through wood framing, PVC pipes, shingles, and the likes in a swift motion. Plus did you know that a reciprocating saw can fit into places where no other saw can? It boasts versatility which can greatly benefit you.

With its variable speed control, you can adjust just how fast or how slow it will run depending on the task at hand.

Another versatility feature of the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw can be found through its four-position blade clamp which allows the user to adjust configuration according to what matches the application best. Also, the four-position blade clamp is a unique feature that enables the user to make flush cuts and to direct the blade in one of the four different directions.

Want swift and convenient blade changes without using any special tools? The Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw will give you that. Thanks to its keyless lever-action blade clamp design, you can change to a different blade or replace it with a new one quickly.

Any power tool user will tell you that one of the most important things you need to look for when shopping for a power tool is that it should offer you comfort especially in terms of grip. When you can grip a power tool with ease and comfort that you will be able to achieve better control and the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw will offer you that, plus accurate cuts since it only weighs 7 pounds so you can maneuver it quite easily. One additional benefit of the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw is its textured, anti-slip grip.

A power tool is normally used for quite some time and the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw comes with a cord so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with expensive battery replacement or even recharging batteries.

When you buy this 10 amp reciprocating saw, you can rest easy that you can easily have it repaired or replaced as it comes with a three-year limited warranty and a one-year free contract. And if you’re not satisfied with this Dewalt product, they even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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User Reviews of Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw

A customer wrote that he likes the fact that this reciprocating saw is a solid and well-built machine. He finds the four-way blade chuck as a very nice feature that comes as very handy for cutting in different directions. He says that this is a great saw for homeowners who are doing their own remodeling and renovating work. He also finds it’s price-performance excellent considering the fact that to get top-quality tools such as Sawzalls, you’ll have to pay twice as much. Price is something he really looks at because for him he just can’t justify the extra expense especially when he won’t be using it every day.

Another customer review said that the DEWALT DW30410 Amp Reciprocating Saw is perfect for the average handyman who often finds himself scratching his head and knuckles trying to figure out just how in the world he’s going to make a certain cut. He says he likes that the DEWALT is sturdy and that it has adequate power for everything he’s encountered so far such as wood and steel. He also notes that he likes how simple and effective the drop-in blade clamp is that it makes replacing blades fast and certain.

Another customer said that he’s owned this saw for a couple of years now and he’s satisfied with it as it’s done everything he’s asked it to do. He says it’s had enough power to handle anything he’s thrown at it, blade changing is a snap, it’s a great tool, and very durable as well. He says that this Dewalt reciprocating saw does something that the Milwaukee saw doesn’t, the 4 blade positioning comes in extremely handy especially when needing to make flush floor cuts. He says he’s so glad he bought this saw and he’ll highly recommend it to anyone who’ll ask his opinion on power saws.

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Final Verdict

Customers say that even though the brand of this reciprocating saw does not belong up there with the more expensive power tool brands, the Dewalt DW304 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw does a pretty decent job and it comes with an affordable price too!

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